Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing
Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing
Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing
Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing
Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing
Anodized parts, precision machining, color anodizing

Item specifics

Color anodizing
From your drawings
From your drawings
Quality management:
100% inspection of significant dimensions
Customized OEM
Processing engineering:
CNC lathe machining/MC machining/cylindrical grind
Anodizing treatment
Place of production:
Dalian, China



Main business

We provide customized anodizing treatment services. In addition, Runsen also provides one-stop manufacturing services from material cutting, welding, cutting, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc.

Commodity application field

Machine tools, automation equipment parts, automobile production line equipment parts, medical equipment parts, packaging industry equipment parts, food processing machinery parts, handling equipment parts, ship equipment parts, fixture parts, industrial equipment parts, LED production line equipment parts, agricultural machinery parts, household electrical parts, loudspeaker equipment parts, compressor parts and various production line equipment parts for special industry products.

major equipment

Our company has machining centers, CNC lathes, surface grinders, milling machines, wire cutting, electrical discharge machining and other common processing equipment. At the same time, there are also Japanese Mitsutoyo tool microscope, height gauge, Class 00 marble platform, plug gauge, screw gauge and other testing tools for full testing of products.

Customer deployment

Thank you very much for your trust. Our customers are mainly from Japan. Europe and America also have a few guests. Among them, more than 80% in Japan, 10% in Europe and America, and 10% in China.

Corresponding materials

Ordinary carbon steel (S25C, S35C, S45C), iron (SS400), die steel (SKD11, SKD61, SKS, SCM, etc.), copper (C3604, BC6, CU, etc.), aluminum (5052606170752017, etc.), stainless steel (304316440, etc.), and insulation materials (POM, PE, PP, PEC, PVC, nylon, acrylic acid, phenolic resin, etc.) can basically be purchased in material stores in Dalian. The special materials that cannot be produced in China or the special materials designated by customers are basically entrusted to overseas material suppliers such as Shanghai. The general material arrangement time is about 3-7 days, and the special case is 7-15 days. There are also materials that cannot be purchased. Please understand.

Surface treatment / heat treatment

Surface treatment: anodizing (natural color, color/hard), black dyeing, trivalent zinc plating, blue white zinc plating, chromium plating (hard chromium plating, decorative chromium plating, flash plating), sand blasting, shot blasting, non electrolytic nickel plating, electrolytic nickel plating, polishing, electrolytic polishing, phosphating treatment.

Heat treatment: quenching, tempering, vacuum quenching, high-frequency quenching, carburizing quenching, gas nitriding, soft nitriding, quenching and tempering, annealing and other common surface treatment and heat treatment can be corresponding.

Main measuring equipment

It has three dimensional inspection machine, tool microscope, vernier caliper, micrometer, height gauge, plug gauge, thread gauge, block gauge and other common inspection tools.

Trading conditions


type of shipping

Air transportation, shipping, etc

term of payment

The goods will be delivered after full payment in countries other than Japan.


Japanese, English, Chinese

Currency accepted


Remittance method


Advantages of the Company

1. There are more than 10 sets of production equipment, with the capacity of machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, surface grinders, wire cutting and other mechanical parts processing equipment.

2. 6S management.

3. It has a sound quality management system. Before leaving the factory, full product and full-size inspection must be carried out, and product records can be kept for 6 months.

4. Japanese, English and Chinese can communicate smoothly.

5. We have nearly 5 years of experience in international trade and overseas production. If necessary, we can cooperate smoothly. Please rest assured.

6. The rate of defective products outside the company is kept within 1%, meeting the customer's requirements so far.