Product FAQ


⑲What if the change of exchange rate will affect the cost and benefit?

According to the situation, foreign exchange is temporarily deposited in the bank and not exchanged, waiting for the recovery of the exchange rate. If there is a big change, discuss with the guest and both parties will trade at the agreed amount.

⑱What is the turnover rate of employees?

The company's employees are basically recruited from surrounding areas, which is relatively stable, and the annual turnover rate is about 3%.

⑰How is the stability of employees? Are there many people leaving?

If you work in the company for a short time, you may resign because you are not used to the job, but regular employees who have worked for more than 2 years will be relatively stable.

⑯About the average age of site employees

The average age of field staff is 30.

⑮Is there any training for new employees?

The company conducts training for newcomers for about 3 months.

⑭Is the equipment regularly inspected and maintained?

The company's equipment shall be repaired by the person in charge of the discipline. It will also be checked before operation every day. After confirming that there is no problem, the operation can be started. Put an end to the problem in the cradle, and conduct manufacturer maintenance twice a year.

⑬Can the confidentiality of customer drawings be guaranteed?

The drawings and documents received from the customer shall be used in accordance with the contract and shall not be used for other purposes. When using a third-party cooperative factory, consult with the customer in advance and use the drawings and documents for the third-party cooperative factory after obtaining approval. The drawings shall be kept by a special person in charge and shall not be read without permission. The drawings on the production site are managed by the internal customer number of the company. Please allow us to delete the customer's company name and other information on the figure.

⑫How to manage large quantities of materials?

1.We have no materials in stock. After receiving your order, we will purchase materials immediately.2.We require the material supplier to attach the preparation sheet when delivering the materials, and mark the type of materials with a magic pen on the materials.3.The person in charge of the warehouse of our company will check the preparation invoice, type and size of the arrived materials, attach the processing drawings to the materials, and then put them on the site. In this case, there is almost no possibility of wrong materials in the company. 

⑪Where are the raw material suppliers?

If common materials are used, they can be purchased by material buyers in Dalian. If the materials cannot be purchased in Dalian, they can be purchased from Shandong, Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places. Logistics can arrive in about 2 ~ 5 days.

⑩What if the tolerance of the drawing cannot be guaranteed?

When quoting, confirm the allowable range that cannot be reached. If the guest agrees to the tolerance adjustment, please allow our company to give you a valuation. In addition, if the tolerance cannot be guaranteed due to force majeure during machining, the customer will be contacted to discuss solutions

⑨What is the working time system on site?

Usually, the factory adopts a two shift system. The daily shift is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the night shift is from 17 p.m. to 1 p.m. the next day. When busy, it can also be adjusted to a three shift system.

⑧How long will the delivery date be?

The delivery date is usually 2 ~ 3 working days. If the delivery date is urgent, please inform me when the quotation is entrusted, and then our company will answer whether it can be corresponding in the quotation reply. If it is too late, we will also prompt the corresponding shortest delivery date.

⑦Do prices change frequently?

If the exchange rate, raw material cost and labor cost change within 3%, the price will not change. If more than 3%, please allow us to adjust the price. In that case, we will contact you in advance.

⑥How soon can you get the sample?

According to the drawings, the time is different. Usually, samples can be delivered in about 10 ~ 20 days.